Hey, I’m David and I play guitar.

I started really learning to play properly around the age of 16, before that I was a drummer and before that I was a pianist.

I learnt to play the guitar firstly by learning where the notes are on the guitar from one book and by learning about open chords from another book. I then took the music theory knowledge and sight reading skills I’d learnt as a Pianist and got to work practicing.

Along the way, I met some awesome people who were willing to give up some of their time to show me stuff, whether it was guitarists I hadn’t heard of before or a technique I couldn’t do. In return, I’d try to share some music theory with them where I could, as usually I knew something they didn’t ‘theory-wise’, having first learnt Piano as a youngling.

I learnt songs from CDs by ear because I couldn’t afford sheet music / tab books (because I spent all my money on CDs or guitar gear) or someone in the band I was in at the time would show me how a song went (usually about 5 mins before we were going to play it live).

Later on, I checked out some “Learn To do XYZ” guitar videos which were hit and miss and brought some books to further my knowledge and playing ability (I prefer books as I can annotate them, which is most useful).

The main factor behind my progress was, in my opinion, because everyone was always better than me and being surrounded by better guitarists is the best way to get good quickly. It’s risky, because you either sink or learn to swim but there isn’t a better way in my opinion.

Fast forward to today and I’m happy with where I’m at musically but I am also deeply and actively involved in continuing to learn new things and to refine my playing. I don’t think I’d ever consider myself ‘good enough to stop practicing or learning new things’ but really, that is what it’s all about. Playing guitar is a journey, not a destination.

That brings me to this website, it’s a part of my guitar playing journey. I made it for a few reasons.

  • I learnt to play the guitar mostly from people who were willing to give up some of their time to show me stuff and I’d like to help others where I can.


  • I’d like my own space where I can promote myself as a guitarist and as everything is now online a website feels like a good move.


  • I’m not currently in a band (as there are no local bands where I currently live) so this website gives me something creative to do with my guitar playing.


  • Giving myself the task of creating guitar related content gives me a reason to look to learn new things and practice, so I’ll get better on guitar by doing this.


  • Family members who aren’t local to me have somewhere to go to see what I’m doing music wise.

If you like what I do here, please consider the following.

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Tell others about me.

None of those will cost you a penny but any of those will help me out immensely. For those who choose to do any of the above, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me.


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