My Single Step

It is Lao Tzu who is credited with the saying that A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step and I would like to share with you my single step, which is this website.

I’ve long thought that the internet is one of the most powerful tools that we have available to us today. From learning how to plaster a wall off YouTube to reading about something on Wikipedia shortly before giving a talk about it (don’t you go pretending to me you’ve never done that old chestnut before), we truly are spoilt.One of the things that appeals to me about the world wide web is the power of being able to seamlessly connect with anyone in the world at the click of a button. It is this fact that has led me to taking the plunge in purchasing my own web domain and hosting and creating this website and blog that you are now reading.

I went through several versions and revisions of my site, both in my mind and on my laptop. I knew what I wanted to see, to say and to contribute but I didn’t know how to show it, say it or share it. Which posed the question of if I don’t know how to present it, do I really have anything to present? Defeated by myself (which kind of feels like playing the video game several levels above our actual skill level, you know who you are) I didn’t even log into my account for about 10 days. This was far from the joy I though I’d be experiencing when I put in all my payment details to get this up and running.

It wasn’t until today at around 2pm that I thought to myself just do it. So with a cup of tea in front of me and the power of Nike behind me, I decided that I would commit to a theme and a layout and just go for it. I was joining Washington as we crossed the Delaware, I was beside Martin Luther King Jr as we marched on Washington.

Of course, I wasn’t really. In hindsight (I know, I sound like your mother) I think I built this up to be bigger than what it was. Yes, it was important to me that this website looked right, felt right, performed as it should and it is still important to me that this website is a success. But, (now I sound like your grandfather) what counts as success? How do I measure that which so often we fail to define for ourselves? For me, I have chosen to define the success of this endeavour twofold.

  • I want a creative outlet for my music and guitar playing that I can share with others that goes beyond what I currently have.
  • I want to share my thoughts and opinions with others and engage with them in the things that we are both mutually passionate about.

This has, really, brought me back full circle to one of the things I mentioned earlier that I like about the internet. The ability to connect with anyone with ease. So this is me, plugging into the matrix (because I totally am Neo) and sharing with you all. Yes, I play guitar and I’m really passionate about the instrument and music but I am also 3 dimensional. Other things interest me, make me smile and bug me (why do we call bluebells, bluebells when they’re not blue?) and I hope that it is through this blog that I can demonstrate this. Of course, there is going to be more guitar/music related posts than you can slap a goose at too (personal favourite saying I believe I invented, don’t prove me wrong, let me have this one) so don’t you worry about that.

So share back, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. For my fellow content creators out there, do you remember what it was like when you started out? Anyone else out there new to this like I am? If you’re reading this but you don’t create your own content, why have you chosen not to? Talk to me about it.

More on the way,

Speedy Out.

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